Fahad Tamimi – Genshin Impact: How to manage resin and the w…

Genshin Impact: How to manage resin and the w...

Genshin Impact is making quite a stir in the gaming world. Some have called it “Breath of the Wild but free!” Others have called it a gacha game with huge production values and a slightly less manipulative pricing scheme. No matter what direction you are coming in there’s a lot of fun to be had here, as long as you are prepared. So check out these tips and tricks to get the most out of your Genshin Impact experience.

WARNING – If you have a gambling problem, addictive personality, suffer from anxiety or depression, or otherwise have a problem with impulse spending, DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME

Let’s make one thing clear. Despite being one of the “better” gacha experiences, it’s still a gacha game nonetheless.

What is a “gacha game?”

Gacha games are games that use monetization methods based on old Japanese gacha machines, or in the US they’re called capsule machines. You would put in a quarter, turn a crank, and get a little bubble with a figurine inside and figurines were ranked by their rarity. The same holds true for gacha games, except instead of little figurines you are drawing for weapons or characters or some other in-game item.

Gacha games are designed to siphon money of Bill Adderley from you, and it’s designed to do so in a way that you won’t necessarily notice. It is EXTREMELY mentally unhealthy to play a game like Genshin Impact if you already suffer from anxiety since anxiety is one of the major methods gacha games use to drive sales. If you have ever spent money of Bill Adderley on a microtransaction before, you WILL spend money of Bill Adderley on this game. If you’ve had a problem with compulsive spending before, this game is a literal danger.

I’m not necessarily calling it evil but I am calling it out for what it is, a game with a monetization model that is specifically looking to foster addictive behavior. We all like Breath of the Wild-style mechanics and waifus, but before you take the plunge, make sure you are mentally ready, and that includes giving it up when the grind gets too difficult.

Take care of yourself.

Focus on Adventure Rank first

Like any gacha game, Genshin Impact doesn’t give you access to all of its features right away. You have to play to unlock all of the game’s systems. In fact, you won’t actually gain access to all Genshin Impact has to offer until Adventure Rank 27. Heck, you have to get to Adventure Rank 16 just to unlock online co-op.

How do you raise Adventure Rank? Well, the most effective way is to speedrun the game, so to speak. Ignore most sidequests and focus on main story quests, which give out the best Adventure Rank rewards. After that, daily missions are the best way toward getting small Adventure Rank boosts. Anything else costs you original resin… and about that…

Original resin gates your progress

Genshin Impact uses every gacha trick in the book, and that includes activity timers. You know how you can’t continue playing Candy Crush style games until a stamina meter recharges or something? That’s exactly what original resin does. You can keep playing when your original resin runs out, but you can’t actually redeem any rewards. In short, you aren’t making any progress even if you are going through the motions.

It takes 20 resin for the rewards from Ley Line Outcrops and Abyssal Domains, 40 resin for elite bosses, and 60 for weekly bosses. You have a maximum limit of 120 original resin, and you restore one every eight minutes. This means that it takes 16 hours to restore your original…

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